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Steve Carver

  • Chemical Dependency ONE on ONE counseling.

    • alcohol

    • Drug addiction

    • Harm Reduction

    • Medication Replacement

    • Moderation Management

  • Interventions

  • Department of Transportation Assessments

  • Department of Motor Vehicles Assessments

  • Professionals, Adults, Young Adults

  • Group Therapy

  • Family Recovery


My belief statement is ‘Change Your Thinking, Change Your Behavior, Change Your Future’!!

                                        'Recovery Through New Living Is Goa!'


My goal is to meet people where they are and educate on the basis of individual need. This could be complete abstinence or the need to have medication replacement therapy and would be working with prescribing doctor to help in the best possible way. My belief is medication without counseling is just that: Medication!! I will work with people with harm reduction therapy to cease the dependence of a major substance with slower work on the less harmful substance. This works very well with the young adult population. I work with those that feel that their abuse is causing problems and we will work on getting to the reason and getting back on tract before major problems appear.  I have done this with doctors and executives with good success. I am looking to meet and help people whom live in the rural areas in and around Placer/Nevada/El Dorado/ Sacramento Counties and I am willing to come to those in need of services but can’t get to clinics and such. I will work with families for interventions using an invitational model that invites the identified addict.  In One on One counseling I like to make at least one session monthly to be with all family members and the client. I would also want to have releases signed so that myself, therapists, psychiatrists and primary care physicians can all be working together for the benefit of the person served.

For DOT clients for SAP and Education I have an office in Rancho Cordova and will give address once  you have signed into Clearing House and requested my services. 










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