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My Certifications:

Licensed Advanced Alcohol Drug Counselor

Substance Abuse Professional, 

Gateway Intervention Professional,

Intervention Specialist,

Family Strategies Specialist,

My professional involvements are CCAPP, IC&RC, ICADC,  I constantly strive to stay in tune with best evidence based practices.


Let me introduce myself.  My journey started in 2001. I do this work because someone did it for me. This has become a passion and to see a person become bright and happy about living again, where once dying appeared much better. 


I have worked in Detox, Residential, Intensive Outpatient and Partial Outpatient facilities. I have been a support staff and I have been in upper management.  


I find more passion when I am in the trenches fighting the good fight in a clinical position than upper management. 


I now work for Kaiser Addiction Medicine Recovery Program (AMRS) formerly CDRP in Sacramento CA and am very happy with my employment there which will be 5 yrs in July. 


So why would I want to be having this private practice?  There is very little services in our county and I feel the need for interventions and help for rural people with chemical dependency problems is much bigger than what people believe. I believe there are cultural and 'old ideas' that won't give people the empowerment to seek help in programs. That is why I 'come to you,' in your home where you are comfortable and may be more open.  


Interventions are invitational. I don't scare the identified addict. We meet with family and I will follow and help the family after the addict has hopefully gone to treatment. People think that intervention are expensive but when you look at the cost of addiction you have spent way way more than any intervention has cost, so this would be an investment. 


Interventions are determined by location and travel.  Initial phone is free. Intervention is assessment, meet, pre-intervention, intervention, and 3 month of follow up with family.

Brief Interventions are available for $50.00 per hour per person which is more counseling and referral for the family.

Payment can be made by CC over phone or PayPal. 

Other interventions depend on travel and expenses. 


Department of Transportation Assessments are $500.00 firm. Must be seen 2 times, complete education and Return to Duty recommendations. 


Counseling sessions are $150.00 for first assessment up to 3 hrs, then $60.00 hr 1 hr session.

Counseling sessions can at times be based on sliding scale.  


Phone consultations and referrals are free:  I have many resources to fit everyone's needs in all aspects of behaviors issues. 

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